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Telephone:  (506)  2273-0024
Fax:  (506) 2273-0280
Email: [email protected]
Admissions inquiries: [email protected]
Costa Rica mailing address:
P.O. Box 4269-1000
San José ,Costa Rica, C.A.
US mailing address:
Marian Baker  School
SJO 751, P.O. Box 025331
Miami, Fl 33102-5331
Physical address:
San Ramón, Tres Ríos, from the Catholic Church of San Ramón, 200 m. to the East and 200 m. to the South.
San Ramón Tres Ríos, de la Iglesia Católica de San Ramón, 200 m. al este y 200 al sur.


General Director – Dr. Gloria J. Doll, Ed. D.
Administrative Assistant – Ms. Zully Sancho

Middle & High School Principal – Ms. Oriana Pereyra
Secretary for Middle & High School

Elementary School Principal – Ms. Ileana Capella
Secretary for Elementary – Ms. María José Bonilla

Early Childhood Coordinator –
Early Childhood Assistant Coordinator – Ms. Adriana Quirós
Secretary for Early Childhood – Ms. María José Bonilla

Business Manager – Ms. Bonnie Heigold

Accountant – Ms. Flor Ivette Umaña

Admissions Coordinator – Ms. Silvia Bolívar

College and Guidance Counselor – Ms. Crystal Perdue

Public Relations – Ms. Zully Sancho

IB Coordinator – Ms. Sofía Amador

Librarian – Mrs. Lorrie Quesada
Library Assistant – Ms. Silvia Soley

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