High School

In High School, MBS offers a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) and honor classes in English, Social Studies, Math and Science.

The primary difference between an AP, honor and a regular college preparatory class are the quantity and level of materials, as well as the pacing of the class.  Students in AP courses are required to take the AP test.  The decision to place the students in these classes is based on their standardized test results, teacher recommendation, application done by the student, success in their current classes, and student’s interest.  The student will receive a written invitation from the administration.  A meeting will be scheduled for the student, parents, teachers and the administration to discuss the placement and the requirements. All high school classes meet three times per week, except for AP preparation courses in 12th grade.

Grade 9  Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
English English CP
English Honors
 English CP
English Honors
English 11 Honors English 12 CP or
English 12 Honors
Spanish 9 or SSL Spanish 10 or SSL Spanish 11 or SSL Spanish 12 or SSL
Social Studies World History CP
World History Honors
World History CP
World History Honors
World History Honors
US Government
Math Geometry CP
Geometry Honors
Algebra II CP
Algebra II Honors
Pre-Calculus Honors Math 12
Calculus Honors
Calculus AP
Science General Science Biology I CP or Honors
Chemistry I CP or Honors
Biology AP
Chemistry II CP
Biology II CP
Chemistry AP
Physics AP
Electives  In the areas of Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Letters, Social Science, Math, Technology and
Practical Arts.