Middle School

In Middle School, MBS offers a variety of honor classes in English, Social Studies, Math, and Science.   The primary difference between an honors and a regular class are the quantity and level of materials, as well as the pacing of the class.  The decision to place the students in honors classes is based on their standardized test results, teacher recommendations, success in their current classes, and the student’s interest.

The courses offered in each level of Middle School are as follows:

 6th  7th  8th
Courses    Courses   Courses 
English English English
Mathematics Pre-Algebra Algebra I
Regular or Honors Regular or Honors
 Science  Science  Science
Spanish or SSL Spanish or SSL Spanish or SSL
 CRSS Geography US History
Elective-MUN-GIN Electives-MUN-GIN
Homeroom Homeroom Elective-Choir-Band

Middle School Field Trips

The Middle School typically has two multi-day field trips. The first field trip of the year is a community building activity organized in the month of August.

Our main goals for this community-building trip is to work in the following areas:

– Perform activities that facilitate the integration of the 6th graders into the Middle School. These activities give the students that are new to Middle School the opportunity to work with and get to know the 7th and 8th graders.
– Create a spirit of camaraderie among the students and staff participating in the field trip, thereby strengthening communication and the ability to work in a group among the Middle School members.
– Create spaces for the Middle School students and teachers to be able to communicate and share in an informal but controlled setting.

The second field trip normally takes place in the month of February. The beginning of the second semester is a good time for this trip because the integration initiated in the first field trip is consolidated by now, and the experiences take on a deeper meaning. The students are also better prepared to grasp the educational experiences that they are going to have.

The Middle School has been participating of this experience for a long time. All the activities are developed to achieve the goals described above in a safe and fun environment. Normally the students remember these experiences fondly throughout the rest of their school years.