Student Services

Student Support Program (SSP)


The Student Support Program is designed to assist individual students with their specific learning needs.

– It is meant to provide students with the necessary skills and strategies to work at their fullest potential in their least restrictive environment.

– The Student Support Program perceives each student as an individual with unique learning and academic needs. Teachers provide their students with the environment that fits the individual learning needs to guarantee success. This environment will encourage the students develop their self-esteem, curiosity, and self-awareness.

– Parents are an integral part of the Student Support Program.

– The Student Support Program is also designed to assist teachers to maximize their time and effectiveness in the classroom by providing them with the necessary information and training to deal with the specific learning needs of their students.


The referral procedure begins when a teacher fills out the referral form. After discussing the referral with the teacher(s), the student support specialist will observe the student in the classroom environment and analyze the information. If there is evidence that a student is having difficulties, a request for an outside evaluation will be made. Based on the results of the evaluation, the administrative team will decide if the student needs services and the extend of them. A final step of the process includes a parent conference to report parents about services needed.


The Student Support Program will:

Analyze the students’ referrals done by teachers or parents, and give the necessary recommendations.

Inform and train teachers in the school about the strategies and procedures to be followed for supporting students with special needs.

Recommend to the teachers and parents the educational services and resources that will satisfy the specific needs of the individual students.

Provide the necessary follow up for every student.

Teach the students the strategies and techniques that will help them cope with their special needs.

Contact and provide parents with the necessary information to become co-participants in their child’s learning process.

Facilitate the communication process among the professionals involved in the students’ educational process.

Monitor the students’ progress throughout their educational process and adjust their needs as they arise.


The English Language Learners Program (ELL) leads students towards communicative competence in all areas of the English language. In order for ELL students to develop a sense of achievement and self-esteem, ELL teacher, homeroom teacher, staff members and parents must assist them in their efforts emphasizing English as the primary school language.

Students in ELL are monitored by formative and summative evaluations: IRIs (Reading Inventories), achievement tests, teacher observations, and grades. Students are exited from ELL when previously mentioned evaluations show competency within one year of the student’s current grade level. Promotion or changes in services are announced at the end of each semester (December or June).

8th HOUR

MBS is committed to supporting students by giving them the opportunity to meet with their teachers in after school sessions called “Eighth Hour”. Study sessions take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15 to 4:25 pm. On these days, a group of teachers stays after school to provide support and help with homework. Half of the teachers stay Tuesdays and the other half stay on Thursdays.

It is not mandatory for students to stay for these “Eighth Hour” sessions, but they are intended to provide an extra support to assure the student’s success. It is important that teachers maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to learning during these sessions. Students are asked to remain in a class room until the end of the session. Students who have disregard for this policy may receive an infraction or lose the privilege to be on campus after school.