Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

MBS Documents to be completed

Please click on the following boxes to download the MBS forms required for the admissions process:

Child Documentation (a copy of)

  • Passport-sized picture
  • Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Immunization record
  • Hearing test
  • Vision test
  • Dental exam (K3 only)
  • Growth chart (K3 only)

Parental Documentation

  • Passport or ID of both parents (must include mother’s maiden name)
  • Passport or ID of legal guardian (if applicable)
  • Legal permit to stay in the country or residency (if applicable)
  • Letter from bank certifying good financial standing

Documents from Sending School

  • Progress Reports / Grades from each previous school year
  • Any evaluations by a specialist that has indicated a need for long term support or therapy
  • Letter of recommendation about the child’s conduct
  • Letter of good financial standing

Age Requirements

Early childhood age limits are strictly reinforced in Costa Rica. Below are the minimum age requirements for each level. Note that students  in middle and high school are placed according to the last level completed by the student.

 Level   Minimum Age as of August 1st
 K3  3 years
 K4  4 years
 Preparatory  5 years
 1st Grade  6 years