Tuition Information

School Fees for Incoming Students

Application Fee for K3/K4 $     150.00
Application Fee for Prep through 12th Grade  $    275.00
Facility Development Fee (Paid one time, upon admission to MBS)  $ 1,325.00

Yearly Tuition

Registration Fee $    1,300.00
Kinder 3 (8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) $    6,750.00
Kinder 3 (Full Day) $    7,950.00
Kinder 4  $   9,050.00
Preparatory through 5th grade  $ 11,700.00
Middle and High School  $ 13,400.00


Special Annual Fees

ELL Elementary (1st – 5th grade) for students new to MBS $2,800.00*
ELL Middle and High School (6th -12th grade) $3,500.00*
Senior Fee $ 425.00
Student Activity Fee MS/HS $ 160.00
Transport A $1,770.00**
Transport B $1,875.00**
Transport C $2,000.00**
Lunch Program Elementary $ 925.00
Lunch Program MS/HS (6th – 12th grade) $1,050.00
Lunch Program Early Childhood (K3 through Preparatory) Included in annual tuition

*The admissions committee will decide, based on the admissions testing results, if the student requires classes for English Language Learners (ELL).

**The transportation costs depend on the distance of the journey to and from the school.

Included in Fees

The tuition includes all textbooks, workbooks, computer lab fees and basic school material throughout the year, vision or hearing exam, individual and class photo, accident insurance with Instituto Nacional de Seguros (which covers up to ¢2,000,000.00 yearly), and medical emergency services. In the Kinder 3, Kinder 4, and Preparatory programs, the snacks and lunch are also included in the tuition. No discount will be applied to the registration fee for students entering second semester.

Payment Information

The application fee is due before the admissions testing appointment.

Upon being formally accepted, the application fee will be deducted from the first tuition payment.  Your child’s place in the program will be considered reserved when the registration fee and the facilities development fee, if applicable, have been paid.  You will be given two weeks from the date your child is accepted to confirm his or her attendance by paying these fees.

The tuition payment options are as follows. All payment schedules must be approved by the business office and may be subject to an interest rate charge.

  • The first tuition payment of 60% must be made by July 15. The rest of the tuition must be paid by January 15.
  • Four quarterly payments of 25%, plus a 2% interest charge, can be made by July 15, October 15, January 15, and March 15.
  • Contact the business office to discuss other payment options available.