All students receive Physical Education (PE) classes three times a week. In preschool and elementary levels, students try a variety of sports and do many different fun activities. In Middle and High School, students can participate in any of the school teams after being selected by the coaches.

Students that are on the team train during the PE class, and play games against other teams after school. The team plays basketball from August to November, soccer from November to March, and volleyball from March to June.

The team participates in a local league against other schools called Action. The high school teams also typically participate in international tournaments with other AASCA schools. Middle and high school students that are not on the team continue to develop physical fitness and teamwork skills in their PE classes. Activities that they participate in include floor hockey, flag football, ultimate frisbee, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and many others. In addition to the team sports, MBS has a Cross-Country Running team that trains after school and participates in an international event with other AASCA schools, as well as competing in local races.

The 2017-2018 Soccer Season schedule  is as follows: