Our dedicated teachers guide students as they explore, invent, and discover new interests, abilities, and talents through the visual and performing arts.

Elementary Art

Joy in Creative Expression To derive the greatest pleasure from art making, one needs to see it through the eyes of children because they see art as an act of celebration.

The MBS art curriculum intertwines the magic of celebration with the technical aspects of design. Through the rich perspective of the artist, children have the opportunity to transcend to higher levels of creative learning while enjoying the subtle cultivation of the senses and self-awareness.

Middle School Art

Middle School art units have been intentionally chosen to develop effective inquiry-based learning, critical reflection, imagination and self-expression.

Through the study of underlying structures and principles, this studio approach focuses on technical skills and procedures needed to achieve success while promoting spontaneity and a passion for discovery. Through the rich perspective of the artist, students have the opportunity to transcend to higher levels of creative learning while enjoying the subtle cultivation of the senses.

High School Art Electives

This is a self-directed art studio.  It encourages students to express their individuality of artistic expression while observing guidelines such as Elements and Principles of design, Originality, Craftsmanship, Theme Development, Initiative, Media Exploration, Project Planning and Organization.  Students choose the art medium, the theme and deadline.  Some may decide to work two art projects simultaneously.

Each year, several art electives are offered to high school students. Electives offered in the past have included papier mache & wire studio, watercolor painting, functional art, glue on canvas, outdoor painting, Japanese Notan Art, stained glass window design, and many others.

In addition to art classes, students are encouraged to participate in local and international art competitions, where many of our students have enjoyed success.


Students explore a full spectrum of emotions and personal experience in the drama classroom. The focus is on the process of self-discovery, improving self-esteem, and learning how to resolve conflict and work as a team. Students will also learn about acting, stage direction, script writing, lighting, and the effect of music in a theatrical setting. Two full-sized theatrical productions are presented each school year. One is performed by elementary students, and the other is performed by high school students. Both productions will typically incorporate many students from additional grade levels, teachers, and even willing parents.


In MBS Vocal Music classes our children in Elementary sing independently, on pitch and in rhythm, with appropriate timbre, diction and posture and they also are able to maintain a steady tempo. They sing expressively, with appropriate dynamics, phrasing and interpretation and they become to sing from memory a  variety repertoire songs. Singing in groups, blending vocal timbres, matching dynamics levels and responding to the cues of the teachers as a conductor makes Vocal Music classes are fun and beautiful for kids.

In Middle and High School, a Choral elective is typically offered.